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Research Article

A Statistical Growth Property of Plant Root Architectures

Figure 1

Point clouds of root system architectures and example Gaussian spatial density function. (a) Example architecture point clouds for three rice species (Azucena, Bala, and an F6 recombinant inbred), corn, Arabidopsis, and tomato. The moments ( and the size, ) are shown in format. (b) The gray dots show a 2-dimensional projection of a rice (Bala) architecture with its empirical spatial density function above, exemplifying a truncated Gaussian density function. The truncation corresponds to the boundary of the root system in each direction , , and ; outside this boundary, there is zero density. Root density is highest at the center of mass (red square) and then decays as you move outward.
(a) Root system architectures
(b) Gaussian spatial density function