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Global Wheat Head Detection (GWHD) Dataset: A Large and Diverse Dataset of High-Resolution RGB-Labelled Images to Develop and Benchmark Wheat Head Detection Methods

Table 4

The minimum metadata that should be associated with images of wheat heads.

Session levelImage level

Experiment metadataName of the experiment (PUID)Microplot id
Name of institutionRow spacing
GPS coordinates (°)Sowing density
Email address of the contact personName of the genotype (or any identifier)
Date of the session (yyyymmdd)Presence or not of awns
Wheat species (durum, aestivum …)
Development stage/ripening stage

Acquisition metadataVector characteristics:Camera aperture
NameShutter speed
Type (handheld, cart, phenomobile, gantry, UAV)ISO
Sampling procedureDistance from camera to canopy (m)
Distance to the ground (m)Position of the image in the microplot§
Camera characteristics:
Focal length of the lens (mm)
Size of the pixel at the sensor matrix (μm)
Sensor dimensions ()

This may be alternatively reported at the image level if it is variable within a session. Persistent unique identifier (PUID). This may be a DOI as for genetic resources regulated under the on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture ( or any other identifier including the information of the maintainer of the genetic material, ripening stage. The distance between camera and canopy is an essential piece of information to harmonize dataset and calculate the density and should be carefully monitored during an acquisition. §In case of multiple images over the same microplot.