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The Use of High-Throughput Phenotyping for Assessment of Heat Stress-Induced Changes in Arabidopsis

Table 1

Logistic regression classification accuracies to determine the WT and hsp101 plants under different treatments.

TreatmentControl3 h HS6 h HS9 h HS

Accuracy (subset of traits)61.1%68.2%65.2%58.4%
Accuracy (all traits)67.9%79.0%81.5%65.7%
Top 10 traitsTemperatureRMSCompactnessRMS
Lss4 Lss2SOL Lss5
Lss3Perimeter Lss5
Lss6 Lss5 Lss5
Lss3 Lss5 Lss4 Lss1
Lss6 Lss3 Lss3 Lss6
Lss3 Lss4 Lss4 Lss2
Lss2 Lss3 Lss2 Lss6

SOL: slenderness of leaves; RMS: rotational mass symmetry; : minimal fluorescence in the dark-adapted state; : minimal fluorescence in the light-adapted state; : steady-state fluorescence in the light-adapted state; : photochemical quenching. Lss indicates the light intensity at which individual chlorophyll fluorescence traits were determined (see Materials and Methods).