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Repeated Multiview Imaging for Estimating Seedling Tiller Counts of Wheat Genotypes Using Drones

Table 2

Cross-validation (CV) results for training of beginning of stem elongation support vector machine. Results are root mean squared errors (RMSEs) in growing degree days (GDDs) and relative root mean squared errors (rRMSEs).

TrainingTestTest typeRMSErRMSE

All dataAll data10-fold CV52.610.9%
Genotype subsetUnseen genotypes10-fold CV51.710.6%
Year-site subsetUnseen year-sites3-fold CV85.317.7%
Genotype subset in FIP18/FIP19 subsetUnseen genotypes in Delley1910-fold CV89.818.5%
Genotype subset in FIP18/Delley19 subsetUnseen genotypes in FIP1910-fold CV80.818.4%
Genotype subset in FIP19/Delley19 subsetUnseen genotypes in FIP1810-fold CV79.716.7%