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Review Article

Convolutional Neural Networks for Image-Based High-Throughput Plant Phenotyping: A Review

Table 2

Summary of CNN-based data analysis approach in imaging-based plant phenotyping.

Phenotyping categoryPhenotyping taskMain processing approachParticular improvement strategyReferences

Plant stressStress detection and classificationImage classificationNA[43, 44, 4753]
Sliding window[45, 57]
Explainable visualization[55, 56]
Advanced imaging[58]
Synthetic data augmentation[54]
Object detectionNA[46]

Plant developmentPlant lodgingImage classificationNA[68]
Canopy morphology measurementObject detectionNA[61, 65]
Semantic segmentationNA[59, 63, 64]
Leaf morphology measurementInstance segmentationNA[60, 62]
Characterization of plant growth patternCombination of CNN and other DL methodsNA[66, 67]

Plant developmentCounting plant/plant organs in still imagesRegressionNA[69, 70, 72, 79]
Synthetic data augmentation[71, 73]
Multiscale and multimodal data fusion[74, 75]
Nonsupervised learning mode[76, 78, 80]
Explainable visualization[77]
Image classificationNA[82, 83]
Object detectionNA[8491, 93, 94]
Sliding window[92, 95]
Synthetic data augmentation[95]
Semantic segmentationNA[96101]
Sliding window[101]
Instance segmentationNA[102106]
Synthetic data augmentation[102, 103, 105, 106]

Plant developmentCounting plant/plant organs in image sequences and videosObject detection2D orthoimage reconstruction[111113]
3D structure reconstruction[107, 115119]
Video tracking[108110]
Semantic segmentationMovement encoding[114]

Plant developmentCounting root tipsRegressionNA[120]
Root system architecture segmentationSemantic segmentationNA[120124]
Inpainting for oversegmentation correction[125, 127]
Advanced imaging[126, 128]
Synthetic data augmentation[125, 126]

Postharvest qualityFruit chemical composition measurementRegressionNA[138]
Fruit defect detectionImage classificationNA[131, 132, 135, 136, 140]
Advanced imaging[134]
Sliding window[129, 137]
Fruit defect quantificationSemantic segmentationNA[141]
Advanced imaging[139]