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Water Dynamics on Germinating Diaspores: Physiological Perspectives from Biophysical Measurements

Figure 2

Germination phases (see the vertical black line) determined by the velocity of water dynamics on germinating diaspores of different physiological qualities of the common bean (column 1), sunflower (column 2), and soybean (column 3). S1: sample of low physiological quality; S2: sample of medium physiological quality; S3: sample of high physiological quality. Physiological quality describes viability () and germinability () in the sample: high physiological quality is related to a diaspore sample with viability () and germinability () higher than 90%, intermediate physiological quality is a diaspore sample with and , and low physiological quality is a diaspore sample with and ; curves of weighted mass are represented by yellow lines (see the main axis), while curves of velocity are represented by blue lines (see the secondary axis). Red linear lines represent linear regression (, where and are parameters with statistical significance () by hypothesis testing based on confidence intervals at 0.05 significance ()) (: estimative for velocity for each germination phase; and : initial velocity and increment or decrement of velocity for each phase in relation to time () that marks each phase). The solid line shows the mean value; the colored area delimits the lower and upper confidence intervals from 1 000 Monte Carlo simulations at 0.05. The embryo protrusion in at least one diaspore occurred two hours before the last recording. diaspores.