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Research Article

“Macrobot”: An Automated Segmentation-Based System for Powdery Mildew Disease Quantification

Figure 7

(a) Plots of the infection area determined automatically (blue triangles) and mean manual values (“Mean man.,” green rectangles), together with the fungal biomass measured by qPCR (normalized relative transcript levels multiplied by 100 for better visibility, purple crosses) and inoculation density (spores per mm2, red rectangle, sorted ascending). On the -axis are the ordered samples, and on the -axis are the infection area (% of the leaf surface), relative fungal biomass (relative units), and inoculation density (spores/mm2). (b) The minimal and maximal visual infection scores (black bars) and the means (red dots) estimated by the domain experts. The graphs show the discrepancy of visual scoring of the involved persons. On the -axis are the ordered samples sorted by the mean, and on the -axis is the infection area (% of the leaf surface).