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Acquired Traits Contribute More to Drought Tolerance in Wheat Than in Rice

Figure 6

Effect of gradual induction of moisture stress (45% FC) on morphophysiological parameters of IR64 and Apo (rice) and Weebill (wheat) cultivars at the vegetative stage (35 DAS-experiment 2B). (a) Relative water content (RWC). (b) Canopy temperature. (c) Photosynthetic rate. (d) Stomatal conductance (gs). (e) Malondialdehyde (MDA) content was measured during stress. (f) Biomass was measured at 80 DAS and expressed as percent reduction in total biomass (TBM) over 100% FC. ¥Significant difference between rice cultivars (IR64 and Apo) in the induction treatment at . Significant difference between tolerant rice cv. Apo and wheat cv. Weebill in the induction treatment at .