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Research Article

Evaluating and Mapping Grape Color Using Image-Based Phenotyping

Table 2

Pearson correlation coefficients () for color components between years ( in all cases). “All” is indicative of the correlation including all individuals, while “nonnoir” and “noir” only examined those color subsets of the population. Dashes indicate lack of significant correlation.

Color component (all; ) (nonnoir; ) (noir; )

Red (R)0.970.510.44
Green (G)0.920.460.47
Blue (B)0.620.710.51
Lightness ()0.940.490.47
Red-green ()0.200.40
Blue-yellow ()0.960.550.40
Hue (H)1.000.36
Saturation (S)0.950.600.30
Intensity (I)0.940.520.48
Weighted grey0.940.490.47
Average grey0.940.520.48
OIV score0.980.28

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