Plant Phenomics / 2021 / Article / Fig 4

Research Article

Photosynthetic Phenomics of Field- and Greenhouse-Grown Amaranths vs. Sensory and Species Delimits

Figure 4

Dishes prepared using shoot-tops for the assessment of organoleptic preference. 1: GA-1 (Giant Amaranthus-1 (A. cruentus)); 2: GA-2 (Giant Amaranthus-2 (A. cruentus)); 3: GrA (Green Amaranthus (A. viridis)); 4: TA (Thorny Amaranthus (A. spinosus)); 5: RA (Red Amaranthus (A. tricolor)); 6: CC (cockscomb (Celocia cristata)). (a) Field-grown shoot-tops; (b): greenhouse-grown material. The scale bar shown in orange color indicates 1 cm width of the porcelain dishes.

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