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Phenotyping Tomato Root Developmental Plasticity in Response to Salinity in Soil Rhizotrons

Figure 1

Tomato root traits and analysis. (a) Acquisition, processing, and analysis of roots from rhizotron. EZ-Rhizo software was used to measure the root traits. (b) Schematic representation of tomato root traits. Total root size is the sum of the main root length and lateral root length. (c) Illustration of the growth system rhizotron and the final setup used for Figures 36. Three-day-old seedlings were transferred to soil plates, and 3 days after the transfer, the seedlings were treated with 120 mM NaCl (salt) or tap water (control). The treatment was repeated every 4 days. Finally, the plants were analyzed and harvested for 14-day-old seedlings. (d) Superposition of root system architecture and soil salinity distribution along the rhizotron under control and salt conditions. Salinity values represent the of 6 replicates of two independent experiments.