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Phenotyping Tomato Root Developmental Plasticity in Response to Salinity in Soil Rhizotrons

Figure 3

Root system architecture trait analysis of five tomato cultivars under salt stress (salt) or nonstressed conditions (control). Plants were grown on rhizotrons as is indicated in Figure 1(a) and treated or not with 120 mM of NaCl at 6 days and 10 days after germination. Root system was analyzed of 14-day-old plants. (a) MRL: main root length; (b) NLR: number of lateral roots; (c) LRL: lateral root length; (d) TRS: total root size; (e) Apical: apical zone length; (f) Branched: branched zone length; (g) Basal: basal zone length; (h) LRD: lateral root density per main root. Data represent the of 40 replicates of two independent experiments. Different letters within each panel indicate significant differences according to Duncan’s multiple range test, .