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Phenotyping Tomato Root Developmental Plasticity in Response to Salinity in Soil Rhizotrons

Figure 8

Effect of the salinity on salt tolerance in long-term treatment of five tomato cultivars. Plants were grown in soil in pots for 30 days after germination, subsequently treated for 30 days with water (control) or 120 mM NaCl (salt) and harvested at 60 days after germination. (a) Biomass yield as shoot fresh weight (FW); (b) number of flowers per plant; (c, d) RWC: relative water content; (e, f) proline accumulation. (c, e) Young leaves and (d, f) old leaves (10th and 4th leaves from the bottom, respectively) were analyzed separately for RWC and proline content. Each value represents the of 10 replicates. Values marked with different letters within each panel are significantly different according to Duncan’s multiple range test, .