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A Comparative Analysis of Quantitative Metrics of Root Architecture

Figure 9

Trait dynamics of maize root phenotypes over 30 days of growth from day 10 to day 40. Changes in estimates of phenes associated with seminal roots (SR) are shown in (a). Similar trends were seen in other root classes (Supplementary Figure S5(a)). Changes in estimates of the phene aggregates bushiness, convex hull volume, and fractal dimension (FD) are shown in (b). Trends in estimates of other phene aggregates included in this study are shown in Supplementary Figure S5(b). The phenotypes for which the metrics are presented in (a, b) are visualized in (c). Primary roots are in black; seminal roots are in red; nodal roots are in green. SR: seminal roots; Dia: axial root diameter; LRBD: lateral root branching density; Lat.Len: lateral root length; #: number of axial roots.