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Research Article

Semiautomated 3D Root Segmentation and Evaluation Based on X-Ray CT Imagery

Table 1

Parameters for the CTX imaging for the bean and cassava plants.

Bean plantsCassava plants

TubeFXE 225.99 X-ray tubeComet 225 HP/11 X-ray tube
DetectorPerkinElmer XRD 1620 flat panel detectorFraunhofer XEye 2020 flat panel detector
Spatial resolution of detector (pixel2)
Frame rate (images/second)22.85
Bit-depth (bits)1416
Acceleration voltage (kV)220175
Current (μA)1804,000
Exposure time (ms)499350
FilterN/A1 mm copper
Number of projections1,2001,600
Effective doseNot measured200 mGy
Cubic voxel size (μm)28.15, 34 (depending on pot size)87.7
Mean scan time per plant2-3 times: 10 minutes9 minutes

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