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Semiautomated 3D Root Segmentation and Evaluation Based on X-Ray CT Imagery

Table 2

Global features calculated from RootForce for the segmented roots are shown in Figures 3(b) and 4(b).

Small pot
Medium pot

Total root volume (mm3)1290.41333.3
Total root length (mm)4597.64010.7
25% Rootmass quantile depth (mm)10.536.5
50% Rootmass quantile depth (mm)20.362
75% Rootmass quantile depth (mm)34.377.7
90% Rootmass quantile depth (mm)44.685.1
Form fraction (in %)6.42.4
Minimum root angle (in °)83.187.2
Maximum root angle (in °)89.689.4
Mean root angle (in °)88.788.6
Mean root density (gray intensity values)
Mean soil density (gray intensity values)
Earth/roots density relation factor (in %)114.5115.1

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