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UAS-Based Plant Phenotyping for Research and Breeding Applications

Table 2

Main sensor types mounted as UAS payloads.

# of bands (commonly available)Commonly covered spectrumCostWeightResolution (megapixel)Ease of use

RGB3450-750 nmLowLow-mediumLow-highEasy
Multispectral3-10450-1000 nmMediumLow-mediumMediumMedium
Hyperspectral>10450-1000 nmHighHighLowDifficult
Thermal13500-7500 nmMediumLowLowMedium
LiDAR1905 nmMedium-highMedium-highMedium-highDifficult

LiDAR resolution is not in megapixels but in point cloud density. There are some multiband LiDAR systems, but they are not routine for UAS.