Plant Phenomics / 2021 / Article / Fig 1

Research Article

Complementary Phenotyping of Maize Root System Architecture by Root Pulling Force and X-Ray Imaging

Figure 1

Pipeline for 3D root imaging using X-ray computed tomography. Samples are excised from the soil in the field using the root pulling force method, and the measurement is recorded. The root crown is washed, dried, and then imaged using the NorthStar Imaging X5000 (see Methods) to generate radiographs as the sample is rotated 360° across the vertical axis. From the radiographs, a 3D reconstruction is generated using the FDK algorithm. Slices along the vertical axis are exported for automated thresholding, from which a skeleton and point cloud model of the root crown are generated. 3D root traits are then measured from the skeleton and point cloud and analyzed.