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Estimating Photosynthetic Attributes from High-Throughput Canopy Hyperspectral Sensing in Sorghum

Table 1

Top: mean and maximum daily temperatures, mean daily photosynthetic photon flux, and relative humidity during the two GWAS trials and two training sets in 2019 and 2020; bottom: number of plots and genotypes used in each experiment; and the genotypes in common between trials are in italic.

YearTemperature (°C)PPF (μmol s-1m-2)RH (%)

TS180 plots (60 genotypes)19 genotypes60 genotypes36 genotypes
TS2108 plots (93 genotypes)30 genotypes92 genotypes
GAT1875 plots (650 genotypes)70 genotypes
GAT2912 plots (634 genotypes)

Note: photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) and relative humidity (RH); the trials in 2019 including the training set TS1 and the GWAS trial GAT1; the trials in 2020 including the training set TS2 and the GWAS trial GAT2.