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Estimating Photosynthetic Attributes from High-Throughput Canopy Hyperspectral Sensing in Sorghum

Table 2

Summary of the equations for the set of vegetation indices associated with photosynthesis.

AcronymIndicesTraits associatedEquationsReferences

CurvatureCurvature between red and NIRChlorophyll content[50]
CVIChlorophyll vegetation indexChlorophyll content[31]
NDRENormalized difference red edgeChlorophyll content[30]
NDVINormalized difference vegetation indexLeaf area index[28]
PRIPhotochemical reflectance indexPhotosynthetic efficiency[51]
r685_r655Chlorophyll fluorescence[52]
r690_r600Chlorophyll fluorescence[52]
Red_edgeChlorophyll content/leaf area index[54]
OSAVIOptimized soil adjusted vegetation indexLeaf area index[29]
r760Chlorophyll fluorescence[55]
TVITransformed vegetation indexLeaf area index[56]