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Shortwave Radiation Calculation for Forest Plots Using Airborne LiDAR Data and Computer Graphics

Figure 4

Schematic representation depicting solar ray tracing among the experimental plots. (a) Incident solar beams irradiating neighboring trees with occluded areas labeled by dark green curves. (b) A large fraction of incident solar beams with a lower altitude angle are reflected towards the adjacent tree crowns, while solar beams with a higher altitude angle are reflected towards the suppressed trees in the mid and understory layers. The red lines represent the area illuminated by the reflected and transmitted solar beams. (c) The transmitted solar rays at varying azimuth angles penetrate the tree crowns that first encounter with the decay energy illuminating the trees behind the front tree crowns along the ray path. Incident (d), reflected (e), and transmitted (f) beams were decimated to portray the propagation of solar light among the experimental plots.