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Research Article

Shortwave Radiation Calculation for Forest Plots Using Airborne LiDAR Data and Computer Graphics

Table 1

Retrieved growth properties of the trees growing in the three plots from airborne LiDAR data using our individual tree crown segmentation algorithm.

Number of trees (conifer/broadleaf)Tree height (m)Crown width (E–W)/(S–N) (m)Average crown width (E–W)/(S–N) (m)Clear bole height (m)

Plot 160 (60/0)15.4–31.42.2–18.2/2.5–17.98.1/8.34.9–10.6
Plot 260 (0/60)9.7–18.22.8–12.6/3.3–12.56.6/6.52.1–6.3
Plot 361 (33/28)10.3–19.72.1–13.3/2.0–14.17.1/7.22.5–7.1