Journal of Remote Sensing / 2021 / Article / Fig 1

Review Article

Finer-Resolution Mapping of Global Land Cover: Recent Developments, Consistency Analysis, and Prospects

Figure 1

The spatial distribution of different land-cover classes according to the three global 30 m land-cover products (GLC_FCS30-2015, FROM_GLC-2015, and GlobeLand30-2010) according to the basic classification system after aggregation to a resolution of 0.05° (a). The spatial distribution of four typical inconsistent regions in the transition or heterogeneous zones (A: centered at (12.903°E, 14.444°N) in Africa; B: centered at (141.368°E, 21.631°S) in Australia; C: centered at (111.249°W, 46.755°N) in North America; D: centered at (128.120°W, 62.681°N) in Canada) with a resolution of 30 m (b).