Journal of Remote Sensing / 2021 / Article / Tab 2

Review Article

Finer-Resolution Mapping of Global Land Cover: Recent Developments, Consistency Analysis, and Prospects

Table 2

Classification systems used for the three current global 30 m land-cover products.


CroplandRice paddyRainfed cropland
GreenhouseHerbaceous cover
OtherTree or shrub cover (orchard)
OrchardIrrigated cropland
Bare farmland

ForestBroadleaf, leaf-on/leaf-offEvergreen broadleaf forest
Needleleaf, leaf-on/leaf-off(Closed/open) deciduous broadleaf forest
Mixed-leaf, leaf-on/leaf-off(Closed/open) evergreen needleleaf forest
(Closed/open) deciduous needleleaf forest
Mixed-leaf forest

Natural grassland
Grassland, leaf-off

ShrublandShrubland, leaf-onShrubland
Shrubland, leaf-offEvergreen/deciduous shrubland

Marshland, leaf-off

Water bodyWater bodyWater body

Impervious surfaceImpervious surfaceImpervious surface

TundraScrub and brush tundraLichens and mosses
Herbaceous tundraSparse herbaceous cover/sparse shrubland (part) ()

BarelandBarelandBare areas
Consolidated bare areas
Unconsolidated bare areas
Sparse herbaceous cover/sparse shrubland (part) ()

Permanent ice/snowSnowPermanent ice and snow