Journal of Remote Sensing / 2021 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Optical Remote Sensing of Oil Spills in the Ocean: What Is Really Possible?

Table 1

Some of the ORS sensors for oil spill assessments and their sensor characteristics. Listed are those currently still in orbit whose data are available to the public.

SensorStartRes. (m)# of VIS-SWIR bandsRevisit (days)

MODIS2000250–100016 (412–2130)1–2
VIIRS2012375–75014 (412–2130)1
OLCI2016300–120021 (400–1020 nm)2–3
GOCI20115008 (412–865 nm)Hourly
MSI201510–6013 (443–2190 nm)5
Landsat197230–604–8 (443–2151 nm)16
ASTER199915–309 (560–2390 nm)16