Journal of Remote Sensing / 2021 / Article / Fig 6

Review Article

Light Scattering by Pure Water and Seawater: Recent Development

Figure 6

(a) Comparison of the scattering coefficient of pure water (, m-1) calculated by Quickenden and Irvin [54] (QI), Kröckel and Schmidt [53] (KS), and Zhang et al. [9] (ZHH). (b) Comparison of the absorption coefficient of pure water (, m-1) that is derived by subtracting values in (a) from the attenuation coefficients (, m-1) measured by Quickenden and Irvin [54] and by Kröckel and Schmidt [53]. For each attenuation dataset, two sets of absorption coefficients are shown: one is the original values (QI and KS) and the other is the values updated using the ZHH model for scattering (QI-ZHH and KS-ZHH). The absorption coefficients of pure water measured by Mason et al. [55] (MCF) were also overlaid.