Journal of Remote Sensing / 2021 / Article / Fig 8

Research Article

Annual Maps of Forests in Australia from Analyses of Microwave and Optical Images with FAO Forest Definition

Figure 8

Spatial distribution of five forest cover maps in 2010 in Australia. (a) PALSAR/MODIS forest map at 50 m spatial resolution. (b) GFW forest map at 30 m spatial resolution. (c) SOFR forest map at 100 m spatial resolution. (d) JAXA forest map at 50 m spatial resolution. (e) NLCD forest map at 250 m spatial resolution. (f–j) Scatter plots of forest pixels in 2 dimensions of ICESat-based canopy height and canopy coverage for PALSAR/MODIS (f), GFW (g), JAXA (h), SOFR (i), and NLCD (j) forest maps. The numbers inside (f–j) indicate the percentages of forest pixels that meet the FAO forest definition. The color bars with (f–j) are the density of forest pixels. The state abbreviations in (a): Western Australia (WA), Northern Territory (NT), South Australia (SA), Queensland (QLD), New South Wales (NSW), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), and Tasmania (TAS).