Journal of Remote Sensing / 2021 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Sensitivity of Estimated Total Canopy SIF Emission to Remotely Sensed LAI and BRDF Products

Table 4

The input parameters of the SCOPE model simulations.


Cab (μg/cm2)Chlorophyll content1-80
Cca (μg/cm2)Carotenoid content1-20
Cdm (g/cm2)Dry matter content0.001-0.02
Cw (g/cm2)Water content0.004-0.04
NLeaf thickness parameters1-3
LIDFa, LIDFbLeaf inclination and variationPlanophile (1, 0), erectophile (-1, 0), Plagiophile (0, -1), extremophile (0, 1), Spherical (-0.35, -0.15), uniform (0, 0)
LAI (m2/m2)Leaf area index0.5-7
tts (°)Solar zenith angle0-60
tto (°)View zenith angle0-60
psi (°)Relative azimuthal angle0-180
Rin (W/m2)Incoming shortwave radiation (0.4-2.5 μm)100-1000