Journal of Remote Sensing / 2021 / Article / Tab 2

Review Article

Mapping Tree Species Using Advanced Remote Sensing Technologies: A State-of-the-Art Review and Perspective

Table 2

A list of moderate-high spatial/high spectral resolution remote sensing sensors/systems frequently used for tree species classification.

Sensor/systemPlatformRevisit period (day)No. of bandsSpectral range/bandSpatial resolution (m)Spectral resolution (nm)Operation
MS (optical, TIR)Pan

Moderate spatial resolution
ASTERSatellite1614Green, red, NIR, 6SWIR, 5TIR15/30, 90Broad band1999-
Landsat-5 TMSatellite167Blue, green, red, NIR, 2SWIR, TIR30, 120Broad band1984-2012
Landsat-7 ETM+Satellite168Blue, green, red, NIR, 2SWIR, TIR, pan30, 6015Broad band1999-
Landsat-8 OLI/TIRSSatellite1611CA, blue, green, red, NIR, 3SWIR, 2TIR, pan30, 10015Broad band2013-
Sentinel-2A MSISatellite10132Blue, green, yellow, RE, 5NIR, 3SWIR10/20/60Broad band2015-
SPOT-1-5Satellite34/5Green, red, NIR, SWIR, pan10/205/10Broad band1986-
High spatial resolution
GeoEye-1Satellite2-35Blue, green, red, NIR, pan1.650.41Broad band2008-
Gaofen-2Satellite55Blue, green, red, NIR, pan3.20.8Broad band2014-
IKONOSSatellite35Blue, green, red, NIR, pan41Broad band1999-2014
QuickbirdSatellite3-45Blue, green, red, NIR, pan2.40.6Broad band2001-
PléiadesSatellite15Blue, green, red, NIR, pan20.5Broad band2011-
RapidEyeSatellite15Blue, green, red, RE, NIR5Broad band2008-
WorldView-2/3 (WV2/3)Satellite1.0-4.59/172Blue, green, yellow, red, RE, 2NIR, pan, 8SWIR2/1.24/3.70.5/0.31Broad band2009-, 2014-
High spectral resolution
AISA (eagle, hawk, dual)Airborne244, 254400-970 nm, 1000-2500 nm, 400-2500 nmVariable1.6-9.01993-
AVIRISAirborne224400-2500 nmVariable101987-
CASI (CASI-2)Airborne288405-950 nmVariable2.21990-
CHRISSatellite63410-1050 nm18-361.25-11.02001-
HYDICEAirborne206400-2500 nmVariable7.6-14.91995-
HyMapAirborne126400-2500 nmVariable10-201996-
Hyperion, hyperspectral imagerSatellite, EO-1>15220400-2500 nm30102000-2015

Note: CA—coastal aerosol; RE—red edge; NIR—near infrared; SWIR—shortwave infrared; TIR—thermal infrared; Pan—pancromatic; MS—multispectral.