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Research Article

Multisensor Remote Sensing Imagery Super-Resolution with Conditional GAN

Figure 4

Visual comparisons of different methods trained on OLI2MSI dataset, and the numbers in the bracket refer to the PSNR, SSIM, LPIPS, and NIQE values of the corresponding result. (a) LR(-/-/-/-). (b) SRCNN (26.44/0.693/0.490/17.54). (c) ESPCN (26.54/0.701/0.484/17.24). (d) VDSR (26.90/0.721/0.438/15.25). (e) EDSR (28.72/0.819/0.289/10.91). (f) DBPN (28.43/0.808/0.314/11.32). (g) RCAN (28.66/0.819/0.292/10.88). (h) DRN (28.28/0.803/0.335/11.50). (i) SRGAN (24.61/0.610/0.200/4.95). (j) ESRGAN (24.65/0.626/0.183/3.45). (k) cDRSRGAN (28.39/0.814/0.160/9.43). (l) HR(-/-/-/4.11).