Journal of Remote Sensing / 2021 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Confidence Measure of the Shallow-Water Bathymetry Map Obtained through the Fusion of Lidar and Multiband Image Data

Table 1

Major symbols and acronyms used in this article.

Symbol or acronymDefinitionUnit

Total absorption coefficient at 440 nmm-1
Bottom depthm
Bottom depth measured by a Lidar systemm
Bottom depth derived from an imagerm
Top-of-atmosphere reflectance
Remote sensing reflectancesr-1
from a measurementsr-1
from a modelsr-1
in the matchup data poolsr-1
from a water targetsr-1
CSSConfidence score system
EBAEmpirically based approach or algorithm
EEAExplicit empirical approach
ICESat-2Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite
IEAImplicit empirical approach or algorithm
IOPsInherent optical properties
LidarLight detection and ranging
MBVAMultiband value algorithm
MLAMachine learning approach or algorithm
MLARrsMLA based on
MLAρtoaMLA based on
OSWOptically shallow water
SAASemianalytical approach or algorithm
TBRATwo-band ratio algorithm