Journal of Remote Sensing / 2021 / Article / Tab 2

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Confidence Measure of the Shallow-Water Bathymetry Map Obtained through the Fusion of Lidar and Multiband Image Data

Table 2

Values of between or and from a single Landsat-8 image (Great Bahama Bank, March 7, 2019), with the matchup in a range of ~1.5–9.0 m, and a total number of data pairs of 3512.

Algorithm typeNumber of free variables in an algorithmMARERMSE (m)

MLARrs1 hidden layer, 5 neurons0.910.050.39
MLAρtoa1 hidden layer, 8 neurons0.900.050.40
MLARrs3 hidden layers, 128, 32, and 16 neurons0.970.040.33
MLAρtoa3 hidden layers, 128, 32, and 16 neurons0.970.040.31