Journal of Remote Sensing / 2022 / Article / Tab 4

Review Article

An Introduction to the Chinese High-Resolution Earth Observation System: Gaofen-1~7 Civilian Satellites

Table 4

Sensor configurations for GF-3.

Name of imaging modeResolution (m)Width (km)Polarization mode

Spotlight mode (SL)110Single polarization
Strip modelHyperfine strip (UFS)330Single polarization
Fine strip 1 (FSI)550Double polarization
Fine strip 2 (FSII)10100Double polarization
Standard strip model (SS)25130Double polarization
Quad polarization strip I (QPSI)830Full polarization
Quad polarization strip II (QPSII)2540Full polarization
Scan modelNarrow scan mode (NSC)50300Double polarization
Wide scan mode (WSC)100500Double polarization
Global observation model (GLO)500650Double polarization
Wave imaging model (WAV)105Full polarization
Extended incident angle model (EXT)Low angle of incidence25130Double polarization
High angle of incidence2580Double polarization