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An Introduction to the Chinese High-Resolution Earth Observation System: Gaofen-1~7 Civilian Satellites

Table 5

Information of the sensors on GF-4.

InformationPanchromatic and near-infrared sensorIntermediate infrared sensor

Spectral rangeB1: 450~900 nmB6: 3.5 μm~4.1 μm
B2: 450~520 nm
B3: 520~600 nm
B4: 630~690 nm
B5: 760~900 nm
Focal length6600 mm1350 mm
Pixel size9 μm15 μm
Planar array sensor CMOS HgCdTe detector
Ground sample distance50 m400 m
Region of imaging
Field angle
Time of integration0.5 ms~100 ms0.1 ms~10 ms