Journal of Remote Sensing / 2022 / Article / Tab 8

Review Article

An Introduction to the Chinese High-Resolution Earth Observation System: Gaofen-1~7 Civilian Satellites

Table 8

Information of the EMI.

Spectral rangeUV1: 240-315 nm
UV2: 311-403 nm
VIS1: 401-550 nm
VIS2: 545-710 nm

Spectral samplingUV1: 0.08 nm; UV2: 0.09 nm
VIS1: 0.12 nm; VIS2: 0.13 nm
Spectral resolution0.3-0.5 nm
Telescope swath IFOV114° (2600 km on the ground)
Telescope flight IFOV0 (6.5 km on the ground)
Charge coupled device (CCD) detectorsUV: pixels
VIS: pixels
(electronic binning factor)
Ground pixel size at the nadirUV: 24, VIS: 16
(UV, binning factor 4)
(VIS, binning factor 4)