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Bioinspired Ultra-Low Adhesive Energy Interface for Continuous 3D Printing: Reducing Curing Induced Adhesion

Figure 1

Continuous 3D construction on the ultra-low adhesive energy interface. (a) Schematic demonstration of the continuous 3D printing process through simultaneously lifting the supporting plate. Under UV irradiation, the curing of liquid resin continuously occurs at the interface owing to the low adhesive and the sliding property of the curing interface. (b) Scheme of the composition of the investigating system at the curing interface from the side view. Continuous 3D construction at the curing interface is achieved on the ultra-low adhesive energy interface separating the UV light pattern projection plane and the liquid resin. (c) Scheme of the low adhesive surface fabricated from the biomimetic of the peristome surface. (d) Optical capture of the cross-sectional view of UV light pattern at the curing interface during continuous 3D printing. (e) SEM characterization of surface morphology of the 3D printed arts. (f) Optical images of 3D arts fabricated on S-PDMS surface through continuous 3D printing process. The fabrication time presents linear dependence on the model size in the vertical direction, which is independent of the x-y plane.

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