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Antireflection Surfaces for Biological Analysis Using Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry

Figure 4

AR LDI mass spectra of (a) a mixture of carbohydrates (400 pmol each), (b) a mixture of drugs (400 pmol each), and (c) a mixture of amino acids (400 pmol each). The peaks in (a) at m/z 365.12, 381.09, 527.16, 543.13, 851.26, 867.25, 1157.38, 1173.33, 1319.44, and 1335.40 correspond to [lactose+Na]+, [lactose+K]+, [maltotriose+Na]+, [maltotriose+K]+, [maltopentaose+Na]+, [maltopentaose+K]+, [β-cyclodextrin+Na]+, [β-cyclodextrin+K]+, [γ-cyclodextrin+Na]+, and [γ-cyclodextrin+K]+, respectively. The peaks in (b) at m/z 494.29, 516.25, 532.25, 609.26, 631.27, 859.51, and 875.49 correspond to [imatinb+H]+, [imatinb+Na]+, [imatinib+K]+, [reserpine+H]+, [reserpine+Na]+, [roxithromycin+Na]+, and [roxithromycin+K]+, respectively. The amino acids in (c) are denoted by the following abbreviations: Pro: proline; Glu: glutamic acid; Phe: phenylalanine; Arg: arginine; His: histidine; Tyr: tyrosine; and Trp: tryptophan.