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Topological Nodal States in Circuit Lattice

Figure 3

(a) Four Weyl points in the Brillouin zone and their projections on (001), (010), and (100) direction. , , and are used in the calculations. The other parameters are the same as Figure 2. The positions of the Weyl points are the intersection points between the nodal ring determined by and the two planes determined by . The chirality are indicated as blue stars for and red points for . (b) The gapless surface band dispersions on the A-B- plane and terminates in the (001) direction. (c) The Chern numbers for the two-dimensional planes perpendicular to . Moving along , the Chern number increases (decreases) when the plane passing through the Weyl points with chirality. (d) On the (001) surface, Fermi arcs connect the projections of the bulk Weyl nodes of opposite chiralities onto the surface.