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Rechargeable Na-CO2 Batteries Starting from Cathode of Na2CO3 and Carbon Nanotubes

Figure 2

Decomposition of cathode on charging process. (a) LSVs of pure CNTs, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, and 60% weight ratio of Na2CO3 in Na2CO3/CNTs cathodes, and pure Na2CO3 with titanium powder (titanium powder acts as conductive additive) at the sweep rate of 1 mV s−1. The inset in (a) is the initial decomposition voltages of various cathodes. (b) The galvanostatic charge curve at 0.1 mA cm−2 with 13 selected points and corresponding in situ Raman spectra. (c) Evolution of CO2 characterized by GC.