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Rechargeable Na-CO2 Batteries Starting from Cathode of Na2CO3 and Carbon Nanotubes

Figure 4

Electrochemical performance of batteries without preloaded metal Na in pure atmosphere with pressure of 1 atm. (a) The cycling stability of Na-CO2 batteries with a cut-off capacity of 0.3 mAh cm−2 at current densities of 0.05 mA cm−2. (b) SEM images of the discharge products after first discharge process at the rate of 0.05 mA cm−2. The inset in (b) is the corresponding Raman spectrum. (c) Schematic illustration of the cell configuration composed of anode (Super P/Al), separator (Celgard), and cathode (Na2CO3/CNTs). (d) A digital photo of package battery with an open circuit voltage of 2.35 V. (e) A digital photo of package battery powering one-watt (1 W) light bulbs. (f) Cycling performance with a reversible capacity of 100 mAh at a current of 10 mA. Scale bar: 500 nm.