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Stepwise-Nanocavity-Assisted Transmissive Color Filter Array Microprints

Figure 3

(a) Selected experimental (i) and simulated (ii) transmission spectra of the patterned tiles with varied size D of square-shaped nanopillars ranging from 331 nm to 500 nm with a fixed height of 156 nm (the blue highlighted row in Figure 2(b)) under normal incidence. The dashed lines approximately indicate the shifting peaks when increasing the filling density D. (b) Experimental (black square scatter) and simulated (red circle scatter) transmission peak wavelengths as a function of the measured thickness of the dielectric layer with D = 500 nm (the red highlighted column in Figure 2(b)). (c) Five representative transmission spectra of the highlighted circles labelled in (b). (d, e) Cross-sectional electric field distribution (d) and absorbed-power profile (e) of the red spectrum (h = 172 nm) at the resonance wavelength λ = 650 nm. (f) CIE 1931 chromaticity coordinates of converted entire patterned colors showed in Figure 2(b).