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Stepwise-Nanocavity-Assisted Transmissive Color Filter Array Microprints

Figure 5

Crosstalk calculation in a FP cavity-based Bayer cell for high-resolution color image sensors. (a) Schematic of the FP cavity-based color filters in Bayer mosaic layout. The dielectric thicknesses of the Ag//Ag FP cavity for the R, G (G1), and B pixels are 170 nm, 130 nm, and 100 nm, respectively. The size of each color pixel is 1 μm × 1 μm. Power monitors (yellow line) of the same size are placed right above each color pixel with varying distance H. (b-d) Simulated transmission spectra of the R (b), G (c), and B (d) pixels using monitors at different height H. The spectra are the average results obtained from normal incident plane waves of TE and TM polarization.