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Self-Stabilized Precipitation Polymerization and Its Application

Figure 3

Polymerization results of C5 and C9 fractions with MAH. (a) Monomer conversion, particle diameter, and PSD of C5 fractions/MAH at different polymerization temperatures. Reaction condition: the total concentration of olefines and MAH is 0.5 mol/L, in IA/n-hexane (3/1) with 5 wt% AIBN as initiator, reaction time 6 hours. (b) The variation of particle yield, particle diameter, and PSD of C9 fractions/MAH as a function of polymerization time. Reaction condition: total monomers concentration is 33 wt% in xylene, at 65°C with 2.5 wt% AIBN as initiator.