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Fabric-Based Triboelectric Nanogenerators

Figure 4

(a) Fabrication process and (b) schematic diagram of the cloth-based wearable triboelectric generator. (c) SEM image of the microstructure of a nylon cloth’s surface. (d) Photograph of half of the part of the fabricated wearable triboelectric generator. (e–g) Photograph of the wearable triboelectric generator under folding and screwing up operation and washing process. (h) The working mechanism of the wearable triboelectric generator. (i) Enlarged view of the voltage output signal and (j) current output signal at an average sliding velocity of 1.7 m/s. Inset: an EL lamp lighted by the generator. (k) Charging curves of the triboelectric generator. Via a full-wave bridge, the electrons of one wave packet are pumped into a capacitor of 100 μF. (l) Photograph of a working TENG sewn on clothes. (m, n) Rectified output voltage and current of TENG when it was attached to a swing arm.

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