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Fabric-Based Triboelectric Nanogenerators

Figure 6

Output voltage (a) and output current (b) of PET fabric-based WTEG. The flowing rate of water was 6 mL s-1, and the distance between WTEG and the outlet of pipe was 10 cm. The insets are their magnified signals. (c, d) Dependence of output voltage, output current, and instantaneous power density of PET fabric-based WTEG on the resistance of external load. (e) Charging curve of 10 μF capacitor by the PET fabric-based WTEG. (f) PET fabric-based WTEG was incorporated into a cotton glove (i and ii) for harvesting water energy to drive the commercial LEDs (iii). PET fabric-based WTEG with effective dimensions of were used here for output tests; effective dimensions of were operated here for driving LEDs.

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