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Fabric-Based Triboelectric Nanogenerators

Table 1

The output performance for fabric-based TENGs with different structures.

TENGVoltageCurrentPeak power densityReferences

Nonwoven structure500 V20 μA153.8 mW/m2[57]
17 V7 μA18 mW/m2[60]
22 V70 μA46.5 mW/m2[77]
170 V120 μA[78]
368 V78 μA33.6 mW/m2[79]
590 V12.6 μA2.8 W/m2[80]

Interdigital structure2000 V200 μA[81]
120 V20 μA3.2 W/m2[91]
15 V130 nA1.8 mW/m2[93]

Weaving structure40 V210 μA[42]
45 V1.8 μA236.36 mW/m2[44]
24 V1.5 μA12.5 μW/m[46]
14.5 V50 μA70 μW/m2[56]
28 V0.4 μA[58]
90 V1.2 μA[82]
540 V140 μA0.892 mW/m2[83]
1050 V22 μA0.56 W/m2[84]
50 V20 μA397.3 mW/m2[89]
30 V18 μA[90]

Knitting structure125 V1.2 μA60 mW/m2[43]

Sewing structure2 V200 nA[45]

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