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A Binary Supramolecular Assembly with Intense Fluorescence Emission, High pH Stability, and Cation Selectivity: Supramolecular Assembly-Induced Emission Materials

Figure 3

Highly selective detection of Fe3+ by TPE-Q4 DSP5. (a) Fluorescence quenching degrees of TPE-Q4 DSP5 in the presence of different cations and anions in water. (b) The Stern–Volmer formula constants of TPE-Q4 DSP5 upon interacting with different cations and anions in water. (c) The pictures of (A) TPE-Q4, (B) TPE-Q4 DSP5, (C) TPE-Q4 DSP5 + Fe3+, and (D) DSP5 + Fe3+ in water. Experimental conditions: = 330 nm; = 475 nm; slit widths: Ex. 5 nm, Em. 5 nm; 298 K; [TPE-Q4] = 1 μM, [DSP5] = 4 μM, [Fe3+] = 20 μM, [Ions] = 20 μM.