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A Photoelectric-Stimulated MoS2 Transistor for Neuromorphic Engineering

Figure 1

The h-BN-encapsulated MoS2 synaptic transistor for neuromorphic engineering. (a) Schematic of h-BN-encapsulated MoS2 synaptic transistor. (b) Schematic diagram of biological neurons and synapses as a bridge of neuronal connections. (c) False-color SEM image of h-BN-encapsulated MoS2 synaptic transistor. (d) The Raman mapping of h-BN-encapsulated MoS2 synaptic transistor at 405 cm-1, where the black and gray dashed areas represent the h-BN/MoS2 overlap region and channel MoS2, respectively. (e) Raman shift of the MoS2 characteristic peak is 385,405 cm-1. (f) A significant peak was observed in the PL spectrum of MoS2 at 1.88 eV photon energy, which is consistent with the band gap of multilayer MoS2.