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A Photoelectric-Stimulated MoS2 Transistor for Neuromorphic Engineering

Figure 2

Characteristics of h-BN-encapsulated MoS2 synaptic transistor under electrical stimulation. (a) Transfer curve under different ds. (b) Selecting the optimal base and pulse for the excitatory synapse by gain, when base of -3 V and pulse of -4 V, the maximum gain is obtained. (c) Selecting the optimal pulse of inhibitory synapse by gain and long-term synaptic weight change, the maximum inhibition effect and weight change are obtained when pulse is 8 V. (d) Frequency plasticity of inhibitory synapses, and the gain gradually decreases as the frequency increases. (e) Accumulation of postsynaptic current characteristics under 30 excitatory and inhibitory pulse stimulations. (f) Postsynaptic current characteristics as a function of progressive excitatory and inhibitory pulse stimulation numbers, showing long-term potentiation and inhibition effects.