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A Photoelectric-Stimulated MoS2 Transistor for Neuromorphic Engineering

Figure 4

Basic synaptic characteristics of h-BN-encapsulated MoS2 transistor under optical stimulation. (a) Schematic diagram of h-BN-encapsulated MoS2 synaptic transistor under optical stimulus. (b) Single-laser pulse characteristics under different bg (0, -5, -10 V). (c) Variation of postsynaptic current amplitude under different bg (0, -5, -10 V) and single-laser pulses of different wavelengths (473, 532, 655 nm). (d) Typical paired laser pulse facilitation characteristics. (e) PPF characteristics as a function of paired laser pulse intervals. (f) Postsynaptic current characteristics are a function of excitatory laser pulses and inhibitory electrical pulse stimulation, which also shows long-term potentiation and depression.